3 Reasons to Check out Mattress Reviews

Even if you don’t plan to buy a mattress online, taking a peek at mattress reviews on different websites can still help you figure out which mattress to buy. Here’s why.

  1. An Honest Opinion

Someone who bought that mattress or a nonprofit consumer review agency has no reason to sway your choice one way or another. Neither one has any skin or money in the game. A sales staff in a store may be working on commission, have a quota to meet or an incentive to sell you a specific mattress. A reviewer doesn’t care whether you buy that mattress or not.


  1. More Voices in the Choir

Beyond the technical specifications, mattresses are a subjective product like many other things. Manufacturers do provide comfort and support ratings but those numbers sleep differently for different people. Thus, it’s good to hear from a wide range of people who have actually slept on that bed. How do they rate its comfort, support, contouring, construction, etc.? You can find dozens — even hundreds depending on the mattress — of these opinions online about a single mattress.


  1. A Consumer’s Point of View

A company’s policies and warranty may sound like they would work well for you but are there hidden loopholes? Is the company difficult to deal with if you do have an issue or need to make a return? Is the risk-free trial period actually risk free? These are questions a customer who has had been on the other side can answer better than the company.

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